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The first private manufacturer of explosives in Serbia

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Our centers

In the heart of Belgrade, at Maršala Birjuzova 49, is the headquarters of the company Eksplozivi Rudex LLC. This location is the center of management, financial-commercial sector, and technical support which together form the foundation of the company's successful business.

Belgrade, headquarters of the company Eksplozivi Rudex

In Boljevac, there is a modern factory for the production of explosives, NONEL initiation systems, equipment, and explosive transport vehicle fleet. Within the complex there is an administrative building, as well as specialized production facilities. They produce various types of explosives: ANFO, emulsion explosives, NONEL initiation systems, and emulsion matrices. In addition, the complex contains several warehouses for finished products and raw materials.

In Bor, the company Eksplozivi Rudex LLC has a center dedicated to completing mining services for building of a copper and gold mine Čukara Peki.

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