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About Us

The company was founded in Belgrade in 2002 and from the very beginning has positioned itself as a leader in the field of import and trade of various types of commercial explosives and initiating devices. Specializing in the assembly of all types of NONEL detonators, the company has earned a reputation as a reliable supplier and partner in the market. In addition to producing quality explosives, emulsion matrices, and NONEL systems in its ERBO factory in Boljevac, the company also offers consulting services in the field of mining work. This service covers all phases of mining operations, from planning to execution in the field of drilling and blasting, ensuring clients optimal and efficient solutions for their projects. The company employs a highly educated and expert staff from the fields of technological, chemical, and mining sciences who together guarantee the quality of products and services. The company performs 'turnkey' projects in the field of drilling and blasting at mining and construction sites, including its own transport of explosives and initiating devices with specialized ADR vehicles for this purpose.

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Brief History of the Company


Company Founding

Company Founding

The company was founded in December 2002. From the beginning, the company specialized in the import and trade of various types of commercial explosives and initiating devices.


Expansion steps

Expansion of Activity

The company began assembling NONEL initiation systems - RUDNEL, with various lengths of shock tube and millisecond delays.


Factory operation beginning

Significant Steps

In 2008, the company took a significant step by purchasing a 24-hectare plot in Boljevac. Construction of the ERBO factory began on this site.


EPIROC drilling equipment

Procurement of Drilling Equipment

In 2010, the company acquired a drilling rig from EPIROC and thus began work in the field of drilling and blasting.


Factory operation beginning

Factory Operation Beginning

In 2016, the ERBO factory officially began operating in Boljevac. It started production of ANFO RUD 1 explosives and RUDNEL NONEL initiation systems.


Factory operation beginning

Year of Success

In 2022, the ERBO factory began production of RUDEM emulsion encased explosives.

2023 - onwards

Factory operation beginning

In 2023, the ERBO factory began producing emulsion matrix for the needs of pumped BULK explosives.